Keep them Following


Today I spotted an article called “5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Engagement” by Sarah Pierce on Considering my Klout score could use some improvement, I decided to give it a read. A lot of what the article spelled out is very similar to what we discuss in class twice a week. If you think you could use a little help better engaging your audience, consider these easy steps:

  1. Keep your updates short. This one seemed a little obvious to me, from our class discussion as well as my personal experience. If I see a lengthy post I usually just roll me eyes and keep on scrolling. The article suggests you keep posts to 100 words or fewer to be able to keep your reader’s attention.
  2. Don’t use URL shorteners. I had never thought about this tip, but after reading the article, it makes perfect sense. People are much more likely to click a link if they know exactly where it will lead them. I don’t know if any of you have noticed this on your own, but there have been A LOT of weird product postings on my home feed recently. And having a URL that includes the company name in some way will make it easier for a follower to trust the link.
  3. Post at times ideal for your fans. We have talked about this one a lot in class. It’s important to post at a time that will increase your chances of followers seeing it. The article offers a few different times we should consider posting.
  4. Use the right words for higher engagement. “Be direct in your request, and fans will listen.” The article suggests using keywords like “post,” “comment,” “take,” etc. will be the most effective at engaging your audience. Also avoid being too pushy in your language, as it is likely to turn off the reader.
  5. Ask questions. This seems fairly obvious considering that is how most of us encourage engagement in our daily lives. Post your questions at the end of the post, instead of the beginning.

For more information, you can read the article here.

I hope to put these tips in motion and see a visible increase in my audience engagement. What other things do you do to keep your followers interested?


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